LiveABC-Live Interactive Chinese Vol. 15 互動華語第15期 (繁簡體版)
LiveABC-Live Interactive Chinese Vol. 15 互動華語第15期 (繁簡體版)
LiveABC-Live Interactive Chinese Vol. 15 互動華語第15期 (繁簡體版)

LiveABC-Live Interactive Chinese Vol. 15 互動華語第15期 (繁簡體版)

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Paperback, Simplified and Traditional Chinese characters, Pinyin, Zhuyin and English, 80 pages, 11"x8.25", 1 Audio CD/1 CD-ROM(MP3)/1 DVD

Characteristics of the Book: 本书特色:
** Simplified and Traditional Chinese ** 简繁体左右页对照学习 
** Step-by-step Curriculum ** 循序渐进的的螺旋式教材结构
** Everyday Chinese ** 基础实用的中文
** Situational Learning ** 应用情境式学习法 
** Video Lessons ** 提供真人影片学习 
** Glimpses into Chinese Culture ** 融合中华文化 
** Fully Interactive CD-ROMs ** 搭配功能丰富的互动光盘 
** Multi-stage DVD Series ** 搭配多元延伸DVD 影片 
** Chinese Proficiency Test.  ** 内含中文能力测验考试 


Product Characteristics:
1.Simplified and Traditional Chinese
2.Step-by-step Curriculum
3.Everyday Chinese
4.Situational Learning
5.Video & 3D Animated Lessons
6.Glimpses into Chinese Culture
7.Fully Interactive CD-ROMs
8.Multi-stage DVD Series
9.Chinese Proficiency Test

1. Picture Dictionary: Vivid illustrations of the vocabulary make memorizing vocabulary much easier. This issues' "Picture Dictionary" will show you what banks, bookstores and hospitals are called in Chinese.
2.Sentence Patterns: Frequently used practical phrases of everyday life act as warm-ups for students before they dive into the main theme of the current volume. As long as the five essential phrases are memorized, Chinese learning will become that much easier. This current volume focuses on two health-related sentence patterns: (1) to describe your symptoms and the clinic you wish to see, and (2) to understand the prescriptions and instructions given by hospital staff.
3.Sitcom: Dramatizations of everyday life situations help incorporate Chinese into our daily lives. In this volume, Carlo the exchange student has the flu, and Xiaoyu has broken her leg. What happened? Read this section to find out and learn new vocabulary and sentences to do with emergencies.



Live Interactive Chinese Vol. 15 - Chinese in the City 城市生活常用句

Picture Dictionary:  The City 城市

Five Essential Sentences:  Chinese in the City 城市生活常用句

Sentence Patterns:  Essential Sentences for Hospital Visits 看病實用句

Comic Corner:  Open an Account in a Bank 開戶存款

3D Theater:  A Killer Toothache 牙痛要人命

Sitcom:  Who Is Sick? 是誰生病了﹖

Talk Show:  News Broadcast 新聞播放

The Story of Chinese Characters: The Character “火”  

Live Reading: Prescription  處方籤

What’s Hot: To Make Things Worse  瞎攪和

Cultural Window: Understanding Chinese Taboos  華人生活禁忌