LiveABC-Live Interactive Chinese Vol. 16 互動華語第16期 (繁簡體版)
LiveABC-Live Interactive Chinese Vol. 16 互動華語第16期 (繁簡體版)
LiveABC-Live Interactive Chinese Vol. 16 互動華語第16期 (繁簡體版)

LiveABC-Live Interactive Chinese Vol. 16 互動華語第16期 (繁簡體版)

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Paperback, Simplified and Traditional Chinese characters, Pinyin, Zhuyin and English, 80 pages, 11"x8.25", 1 Audio CD/1 CD-ROM(MP3)/1 DVD

Characteristics of the Book: 本书特色:
** Simplified and Traditional Chinese ** 简繁体左右页对照学习 
** Step-by-step Curriculum ** 循序渐进的的螺旋式教材结构
** Everyday Chinese ** 基础实用的中文
** Situational Learning ** 应用情境式学习法 
** Video Lessons ** 提供真人影片学习 
** Glimpses into Chinese Culture ** 融合中华文化 
** Fully Interactive CD-ROMs ** 搭配功能丰富的互动光盘 
** Multi-stage DVD Series ** 搭配多元延伸DVD 影片 
** Chinese Proficiency Test.  ** 内含中文能力测验考试 


Product Characteristics-
1.Simplified and Traditional Chinese
2.Step-by-step Curriculum
3.Everyday Chinese
4.Situational Learning
5.Video & 3D Animated Lessons
6.Glimpses into Chinese Culture
7.Fully Interactive CD-ROMs
8.Multi-stage DVD Series
9.Chinese Proficiency Test

1. Picture Dictionary: You've studied Chinese for a while now, but what do you know about Chinese culture? Take a look at this issue to see how many of these holidays/festivals from both the East and West you recognize.
2.Sentence Patterns: The New Year is just around the corner. This issue's Sentence Patterns will introduce two sentence structures that will help you to talk about your favorite Chinese festivals and plans.
3.Sitcom: The Mid-Autumn Festival is almost here. While most people are getting excited about moon-viewing and barbecues, the teacher has asked the class to help Carlo with his report on Chinese poems and stories about the moon. In addition to introducing words and phrases to do with Mid-Autumn Festival, this section will also talk about the cultural aspects of this holiday.
4. What's Hot: Shanzai is taking over the planet-from cell phones and handbags to celebrities and movies-nothing stands in its way. But what is shanzai? Why do some love it, while others don't? Learn about the shanzai phenomenon now!



Live Interactive Chinese Vol. 16 - Chinese on Festivals 节日中文常用句

Table of content:

Picture Dictionary:  Chinese and Western Festivals/Holidays 中西節日

Five Essential Sentences: Often Used Congratulatory Sentences  常用祝賀句

Sentence Patterns:  Practical Sentences for Chinese Festivals 節日實用句

Comic Corner:  Happy Chinese New Year 歡喜過新年

Sitcom:  People Get Together When the Moon’s Round  月圓人團圓

New Year’s Eve Dinner  吉祥除夕夜

Talk Show:  Shuoshu-Chinese Valentine’s Day  說書唱七夕

Live Reading:  Spring Couplets 春聯

What’s Hot:  Shanzai 山寨

Cultural Window:  The Shengxiao-Chinese Zodiac  生肖