LiveABC-Live Interactive Chinese (Simplified Chinese) Vol. 7 互動華語第7期 (簡體版)
LiveABC-Live Interactive Chinese (Simplified Chinese) Vol. 7 互動華語第7期 (簡體版)

LiveABC-Live Interactive Chinese (Simplified Chinese) Vol. 7 互動華語第7期 (簡體版)

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Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin, and English or Traditional Chinese characters, Zhuyin and English, 78 pages/book, 11"x8.25", 1 CD/1 CD-ROM(MP3)/1 DVD


Interactive Chinese combines conversation, pronunciation and cultural tips all in one book. This volume focuses on emotions. Based on this theme, Picture Dictionary introduces vocabulary of emotions. Readers learn practical phrases for expressing emotions in the Chinese Basics unit and related grammar patterns through Guangzhong's story in Sitcom. The Talk Show unit reviews how to express emotions with the actor learning Beijing opera. The Story of Chinese Characters introduces one of the most frequently-used radicals - heart. Cultural Window in this volume presents readers the food that brings good fortune in Chinese.

Feature Highlights-
1. Chinese used to express emotions
2. Phrases for shopping
3. Introduction of Beijing Opera
4. Introduction of traditional Chinese clothes
Choose from Simplified or Traditional characters. Price includes book, audio CD, CD-ROM and DVD.




Live Interactive Chinese Vol. 7 - Expressing Emotions 什么事情那么开心?

Table of content:

Unit 1 Pinyin Combining Exercise 拼音練習

Unit 2 Emotions 喜怒哀樂

Unit 3 Express Emotions 表達心情

Unit 4 Mood Swings 心情起伏

Unit 5 Dreams of Stardom 明星夢

Unit 6 Studying Beijing Opera 學學京劇

Unit 7 The Character “心”  

Unit 8 Going Shopping Part 1 購物篇(一)

Unit 9 Food That Brings Good Fortune 吉利食物

Unit 10 An Easy Come, Easy Go Attitude Toward Money 月光族

The Emotions of Beijing Opera/ Traditional Chinese Clothes 京劇中的喜怒哀樂/中國傳統服飾