LiveABC-Live Interactive Chinese Vol. 24 互動華語第24期 (繁簡體版)
LiveABC-Live Interactive Chinese Vol. 24 互動華語第24期 (繁簡體版)
LiveABC-Live Interactive Chinese Vol. 24 互動華語第24期 (繁簡體版)

LiveABC-Live Interactive Chinese Vol. 24 互動華語第24期 (繁簡體版)

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Paperback, Simplified and Traditional Chinese characters, Pinyin, Zhuyin and English, 80 pages, 11"x8.25", 1 Audio CD/1 CD-ROM(MP3)/1 DVD

Characteristics of the Book: 本书特色:
** Simplified and Traditional Chinese ** 简繁体左右页对照学习 
** Step-by-step Curriculum ** 循序渐进的的螺旋式教材结构
** Everyday Chinese ** 基础实用的中文
** Situational Learning ** 应用情境式学习法 
** Video Lessons ** 提供真人影片学习 
** Glimpses into Chinese Culture ** 融合中华文化 
** Fully Interactive CD-ROMs ** 搭配功能丰富的互动光盘 
** Multi-stage DVD Series ** 搭配多元延伸DVD 影片 
** Chinese Proficiency Test.  ** 内含中文能力测验考试 



热门话题 Hot Topics
Negotiations and signing contracts mostly take place when businesses collaborate with each other. In recent years, more and more countries are doing business with Chinese companies. We’ll take a look at some of these international partnerships and provide some information about doing business in China.

实境图解 Picture Dictionary
When doing business, the cost of every little thing matters. We’ll teach you what each part of the procedure, from production to putting a product on the market, is called in Chinese so that you won’t make any mistakes.

必备句 Essential Sentences
In this section, practical sentences from both the buyer’s and seller’s points of view when negotiating prices and placing orders are given so that you can be at an advantage when making deals.

Sentence Patterns
The most commonly used verbs, nouns, and example sentences related to negotiating and signing contracts are provided in this unit so that you can get a grasp of the key words in these situations. That way, you’ll never be at a loss for words.

关键会话 Business Conversation
当你代表公司和厂商采购时,你该怎么与对方“议价”、“下单”、 “讨论包装和运送细节”呢?快看看本期关键会话有哪些必学的会话句吧!
When you are in charge of making a purchase on behalf of your company, how should you negotiate prices, place orders, and discuss packaging and shipping details? Take a look at what sentences you need to know.

职击现场 Situational Shorts
商场上最常谈判的主题不外乎“商谈入股”、 “异业结盟”、 “加盟创业”。本单元依据这三种情境,设计了小公司业务代表、加盟者,与大企业谈合作案时,常用句的语法与字汇。让你可以根据自己的业务需要,自创最有效的谈判话术!
The three most popular topics in business have to be talking about shares, partnerships, and franchising. Provided in this unit are commonly used language and grammar points when talking to sales representatives, franchisees, and big corporations about such things so that you can mix and match to make sentences that suit your own circumstances.

实战阅读 Practical Reading
Chinese people have a saying: black print on white paper—proof and evidence. This sentence means that no matter what is agreed to orally, it only counts if it is written down. Read this section to be able to understand what is written on a contract and to be aware of your rights and privileges.

成功名言堂 Wisdom & Idioms
Did you know that the first Chinese entrepreneur to be in the Harvard Forum was once a blue-collar laborer? To learn about her success story and the sayings 未经一番寒彻骨,焉得梅花扑鼻香, be sure to read this issue’s Wisdom & Idioms!

商务写作 Writing Center
Whether you are the buyer or the seller, writing letters and e-mails is the most convenient way to ask about prices and make negotiations. Here, two templates from two points of view are provided so that the sentence patterns used can help you complete an order ahead of your competitors.

更上一层楼 Practice Makes Perfect
This unit focuses on the most common grammatical mistakes made when negotiating with clients. Lastly, tips are given to help your negotiations with Chinese clients go smoother.